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We are selling the raw hair directly from indian temples, the hair is from hindu devotees, it is all single donors hair, raw beautiful hair bundles.

Now on demand of customers we have started drop shipping and logo, labels and tags and business cards, designing and printed to be shipped with drop shipping orders.

if you are using dropshipping you must have your business logo, labels, tags and business and it should be shipped with each piece so you client will have brand feeling for your company.  if you plan to get it. we will be designing your logo, labels, tags and business cards. in case you already have logo. send us logo. we will design the rest like labels and business and tags. 

To make your brand logo, label and tag, business. once you pay email or whatsapp us the order number. and share below information for designs.

Company Name, Your Name, Your Number, Email Address, Your Website,

Business address (if any), Your profile like, CEO, Director, Partner or Business manager. 

This is one time fee and printing includes for one year orders. like fee for year 2020 business orders.



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