Dye Black 26" inch Bodywave hair 1 bundle

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This is dyed black hair. This hair comes from Indian temples, it is dyed hair with black dye powder. in the dyed black bundles, we use high quality black dye powder to dye hairs pieces. We will sell these bundles at cheaper prices. it may give issues of black dye fading a bit, you can dye this hair again in 1b black. there is limited warranty of this dyed product. we are selling hair from last 10 years, This is first time we started selling dyed  product today 1st September 2021. We are still testing this product. you are recommended to sample few bundles and test and use them for few weeks or month and then only introduce this to your customers, if you like it. 

Free return shipping on returns, if any. 100% customer satisfaction policy.

We have FedEx express shipping, we have PayPal payment on website.

You can order any size, texture for sample, minimum 1 piece.

1. This hair is dyed with high quality dye powder.
2. This Hair can be dyed again after it fades color.
3. Our hair is tangle and shedding free. double weft, single donor hair,
4. No minimum - you can order 1 bundle for testing
5. Website has papal payment only.


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